Ryan Booz!

Developer Advocate at Redgate

Ryan is an Advocate at Redgate focusing on PostgreSQL. Ryan has been working as a PostgreSQL advocate, developer, DBA and product manager for more than 20 years, primarily working with time-series data on PostgreSQL and the Microsoft Data Platform. Ryan is a long-time DBA, starting with MySQL and Postgres in the late 90s. He spent more than 15 years working with SQL Server before returning to PostgreSQL full-time in 2018. He’s at the top of his game when he's learning something new about the data platform or teaching others about the technology he loves.

Database DevOps: Options for database change management

Whether you are the DBA for an Agile, Sprint-based team, or a developer with DBA responsibilities, you may feel like the development bottleneck at every turn. Managing migrations with your ORM of choice is easy but often error-prone and hard to manage as the project grows. Or worse yet, maybe your schema and change management is a folder full of poorly commented SQL scripts saved to a shared folder or local drive. Surely there's a better, SQL-centric way to manage databases as code, validate changes, and deploy updates - right? Yes, there is! This talk will explore what database DevOps is and how open-source and paid tools like Flyway can help you manage database schema and code changes while incorporating agile CI/CD practices. By the end of the session, you'll be ready to tame your rogue application databases, managing changes and migrations with ease, and become the envy of the development team.

9:45 AM

Nebula (Live 16 - Simul 21)