Scott McAllister!

Developer Advocate at ngrok

Scott McAllister is a Developer Advocate for ngrok. He has been building web applications in several industries for over a decade. Now he's helping others learn about a wide range of web technologies and incident management principles. When he's not coding, writing or speaking he enjoys long walks with his wife, skipping rocks with his kids, and is happy whenever Real Salt Lake, Seattle Sounders FC, Manchester City, St. Louis Cardinals, Seattle Mariners, Chicago Bulls, Seattle Storm, Seattle Seahawks, OL Reign FC, St. Louis Blues, Seattle Kraken, Barcelona, Fiorentina, Borussia Dortmund or Mainz 05 can manage a win.

Building Ingress - From Concept to Connection

At first glance, ingress is an easy concept: you route traffic from the wider world into your cluster. As you layer on SSL and load balancing, the principles stay the same and everything works with minimal thought and effort. But as your infrastructure grows, your clusters grow, the interactions get more complex, and your security requirements explode. In this session, I’ll walk you through how we designed and built an Ingress Controller and have converted our clusters to use it in production to support millions of requests. It wasn’t easy but running it as an open source effort from the start encouraged our team and customers to review, explore, and consider situations outside our original plans.

11:00 AM

Gamora (Live 14 - Simul 12, 13)