Taranjeet Kaur!

Software Developer/Architect / Technology Manager

I am Technology Manager, Architect , Software developer and active member of Tech Community. In my current role as a Head of Cloud Architecture my work is to transform the way applications at our bank have been designed and migrated to Cloud. I am part of Organizing committee for DogFoodCon and StirTrek. If I am not running after my two kids, or lifting weights or reading about latest technology news , I am probably bored and sleeping.

Think a Cloud Architect is all you need for a successful cloud journey? Think Again! "

Cloud Architect is easily among the top 5 most In Demand Tech Jobs today. Organizations are overtly interested in any resume which mentions cloud and architecture in the same page. Candidates with understanding of network , security and cloud services can easily land the job but what looks like a perfect match on surface might easily turn into a not so great experience for everyone involved. As a Lead Cloud Architect for financial organization and leading multiple early cloud adopter teams, I have frequently experienced that Cloud Architect is an overloaded term and has been loosely used as an all-encompassing solution to the "Cloud Problems" that exist in organizations . In this talk will be walking through the evolution journey of cloud architecture role and the way it fits differently in different organization based on their level of cloud maturity. We will be discussing the common challenges of cloud adoption and how refining roles for your cloud team(s) can directly impact the Cost and Experience of building solutions in Cloud.

8:30 AM

Rocket (Live 3 - Simul 1,2)