Tasha Penwell!

Pretty Nerdy, Founder/Developer

Tasha Penwell is the founder and developer of Pretty Nerdy where she provides digital marketing services. She specializes in developing Snapchat filters and Alexa Skills.

Snapchat Lens Developers for the Win!

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms today. In large part, due to their filters that bring AR technologies into our daily lives. Lens development is quickly becoming a new career for all levels and genres in computer science. A lens developer uses skills such as JavaScript, 3D art, and analytics to build engaging filters. My presentation will show how to get started as a Lens developer for free using Snapchat's own Lens Studio platform. We will cover templates, custom scripts, and importing 3D objects to publish your own custom lens to the world.

9:45 AM

Drax (Live 17 - Simul 20)