Alex Riviere!

Co-Organizer for Atlanta Vue.js Meetup and Co-Organizer for PyATL meetup

Alex Riviere is a Senior Frontend Developer for Nexcor Technologies and the Co-Organizer for the Atlanta Vue.js Meetup, as well as the PyATL Meetup.

Shining a Light on Debugging: Lessons from a Lightbulb

As a 15-year veteran of theater, I've learned to troubleshoot real-world systems, a skill I found to be surprisingly similar to debugging in programming. In this talk, I'll share my unique approach to debugging, likening it to a process as simple as changing a lightbulb. We'll embark on a journey to hunt down problematic function calls, figure out why data might not be delivering what you expect, identify the true source of a problem, and understand when it's time to seek help or recognize that an issue may be beyond your control. This talk aims to enhance your problem-solving skills in your daily programming tasks, making you more efficient, self-sufficient, and confident. Join me to learn how to debug your programming as easily as you would change a lightbulb. Let this talk be a guiding light for those having trouble debugging.

8:30 AM