Dennis Dunn!

Serial Hobbyist

As a retired dark-matter hacker, Dennis has written code for academia, state government, and the private sector. As a polyglot, he has coded in languages that have long since died out as well as more obscure tongues such as TCL. He finds parser combinators fascinating and when not engaging with the field of computer science you will find him sleeping. He enjoys science fiction, paragliding, and Catan.

Intro to MAUI for Makers

The .NET Multi-platform App UI, or MAUI, makes it easy to create applications for mobile devices. It is an ideal platform for makers who want to control their creations from a phone or tablet. While your device could expose a web page on some well-known port, you need to get the device connected to a network somehow which means potentially exposing WIFI credentials to the world. A better option is to use Bluetooth LE and a mobile app to control your device. We’ll take a look at Conway's Game of Life running on a Raspberry Pi Pico W and the Android app that controls it. We’ll cover Bluetooth discovery and connection management in .NET, buffered receive callbacks in MicroPython, defining the UI in XAML, and the benefits of MVVM. It’ll be fun!

9:45 AM

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