Dev Agrawal!

Developer Advocate at Clerk

I am a full time Developer Advocate at Clerk and I make content on Twitch on YouTube regarding software design and architecture. I've been writing full-stack JavaScript apps 6 years, recently graduated with an IT degree from University of Cincinnati. I have a special interest in devtools that make it easier and faster to ship features at scale, especially those of the serverless variety.

Streams, not Waterfalls - Improving Page Load and Core Web Vitals

Single-page apps unlock instant user interactions and highly dynamic user experiences, but as applications get more complex, the price is paid in terms of performance. We either end up with cascading client-server fetches for code and data, or with obscenely large JavaScript bundles to bring in caching solutions. This talk will explore how Streaming architecture is helping applications load much faster by eliminating client-server waterfalls, significantly improving the core web vitals and user experience, and how React is bringing the benefits of Streaming to its declarative component model.

3:30 PM