Henry Berson Saint-Juste!

The Solutions Architect

Henry Saint-Juste is a solution architect at NetJets, based out of Columbus, Ohio. Henry has a decade of experience building scalable mobile applications with Objective-C, Swift, and Java. As an architect Henry enjoys building modules that promotes clean code and enhances the developer experience, while delivering value to the business. Embodying Rob C. Martin's reference from Clean Architecture—"The Tale of Two Values" where software applications boils down to two values—Behavior, and Architecture.

The Unified Code Base

We live in an ever-changing technologically enabled world and having a responsive website won't just cut it—organizations need to be mobile ready. If you're a Web, Native iOS or Android developer looking to deliver a cross-platform experience for your target audience, then this talk is for you. You'll discover the best practices for targeting Native iOS, Android and the web using React and React-Native without compromising the user's experience. By the end of this highly interactive session, you'll be on your way to build and deploy highly scalable universal applications using one code-base to rule them all.

11:00 AM