Jonathan Knapp!

Programmer / Consultant at Coffee and Code

An experienced independent contractor who has helped companies successfully plan and implement technical projects. For almost two decades, Jon has built custom SaaS applications, coached employees on new technologies, consulted on the direction and architecture of large projects, and acted as a part-time CTO. He's also the President of Cleveland GiveCamp, a weekend event pairing tech volunteers with local nonprofit projects, and life long supporter of the NEO tech community.

Why overcomplicate when HTML will do?

Remember when the frontend didn't have it's own router and MVC framework? When productivity wasn't ground to a halt by a fragile spiderweb of dependencies? When server responses to browsers were HTML? In this talk, we'll discuss tools like htmx and Hotwire and how they give us a way to build modern feeling web applications from basic HTML responses. By leveraging web standards and the technical advances of browsers, we will reduce both the lines of code we need to write and the amount of knowledge needed to build a fullstack application. This talk isn't about providing a silver bullet solution, but it is a call to action to reexamine how we build things. If you feel like we've overcomplicated things and you're deploying lines of code instead of functionality, this talk is for you.

9:45 AM

Skywalker (Live 28, Simul 18, 19)