Kyle Jenkins!

Trust Changes Everything

Kyle Jenkins is driven to help you ease the pain of work, whether it’s technology bleeding resources or trouble working with a team of people. As a full stack developer, public speaker, and principal consultant with Improving, a global software development consulting and training company, he integrates into teams to provide quality software solutions and into the IT and Agile community to improve processes and teamwork. On the side, he is an avid video gamer, and loves correlating the challenges and learnings from video games to the world of work.

Docker Unleashed: Enhancing Local Environments with Ease

A high-quality local environment is critical for enabling developers for efficient feature delivery. Docker, when utilized correctly, can simplify the maintenance of the local environment and remove the "it works on my machine” symptom. Join me on an insightful journey as I share years of successes and hard-earned lessons from harnessing Docker for consistent, hassle-free environments. We will review what Docker is and when to use it, how it changes the development accountabilities between teams, the architecture behind an efficient local environment to enable smooth pipelines and production deployment and will unveil valuable tips and real-world examples to optimize Docker usage and boost your development productivity.

1:00 PM

Skywalker (Live 28, Simul 18, 19)