Lino Tadros!

Technical Fellow and Distinguished Executive

Distinguished executive leader and renowned technical expert in AI, Machine Learning, and IoT. Leads cross-functional architectural teams to award-winning performance by developing strategic roadmaps and powering enterprise-wide projects. Serves as board member and advisor for multiple corporations delivering strategic guidance on product line developments and business solutions. Industry influencer and mastermind of strategic programs and innovations leading modernization efforts to alter the global IT landscape as Microsoft Regional Director. HIGHLIGHTS •Partnered with Microsoft to consult major corporations on Azure integrations; trained over 1K global employees and architects across US, Canada, Europe, Middle East, and Australia. •Invited into elite Microsoft Regional Director program as Top 1% of global SMEs...Maintains direct line of communication to Microsoft executive leaders and Office of the President for Technical and Business Influence. •Inspired $200M marketing push for Microsoft Teams platform and led strategy for MS Azure Synapse design and release; catapulted competitive advantage over Zoom and AWS. •Piloted multi-million-dollar architecture projects for organizations in US, Europe, and Australia to include DoD, NASA, Disney, HP, Johnson & Johnson, and international banking institutions. •Authored 150-page IoT playbook for Microsoft; over 750K downloads across global audience.

Swimming in the Lake of Microsoft Fabrics

Attend this session to learn more about Microsoft Fabric and how it enables organizations, and individuals, to turn large and complex data repositories into actionable workloads and analytics, and is an implementation of data mesh architecture. Come learn about OneLake and LakeHouses, and the unification of lakehouses in the platform. We will discuss Data Engineering, Data Science concepts, Data Factory (Pipelines and DataFlow), Real Time Analytics (KQL), and the use of Power BI for visualization. You will leave this session feeling excited and with the desire to go use this remarkable technology to achieve great data analytics for your company.

3:30 PM

Skywalker (Live 28, Simul 18, 19)