Matt "Kelly" Williams!

Founder of Making Software Greener, Mentor, Public Speaker, and Renaissance Person in Training

Matt "Kelly" Williams is the founder of Making Software Greener, the creator of the Sustainable IT Manifesto, member of the advisory board for the Green Computing Foundation, and a speaker and mentor on IT practices including DevOps, Cloud Computing, and mental health advocacy. He has always wanted to be a Renaissance person; perhaps one day he will be. In the meantime, he explores IT Sustainability, is learning photography, designs tabletop games, reads, weaves, cooks, hacks, and explores the mountains near Loveland, Colorado.

Sabotage Productivity the CIA Way

In 1944, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), predecessor of the CIA, published the Simple Sabotage Field Manual -- a guide for resistance forces to characterize simple sabotage, outline its possible effects, and to present suggestions for inciting and executing it. Ironically, many of the organizational and business suggestions are considered good, if not best, business practices. By following these few simple tips, you, too, can sabotage productivity the CIA way.

11:00 AM