Michael Eaton!

Principal Consultant at Improving

Michael Eaton is a proven technical leader and developer with almost three decades of experience focused almost exclusively on building solutions for the Microsoft ecosystem. He is currently a Principal Consultant with Improving, helping clients build amazing software and working to change the perception of the IT profession. He is a blogger and writes about leadership and technology.

Leadership Journey: From Individual Contributor to Leader

You’ve spent years working on your technical skills and can write code with the best of them. Then, one day, a leadership position opens up on your team, and you start thinking about it. Should I or shouldn’t I? What if I hate it? What if I love it? What if I'm not that good at it? In this interactive session, we’ll explore “why leadership,” answer some hard questions, and talk about one developer’s path from individual contributor to leader.

8:30 AM

Jedi (Live 16 - Simul 21)