Natalie Hylton!

Technology Talent Development, Vice President, JPMorganChase

Meet Natalie, an impostor extraordinaire who came to banking infrastructure technology with a degree in linguistics and background in journalism… and turned her temporary gig into a 15-year long career. Her experience spans four countries, five cities and two continents. The “projects” and “products” on her resume translate into the art of creating relationships with people and inspiring them to grow and be the best of themselves. Natalie loves trying new things (skydiving is next). She is a world traveler, board game geek, an active mother of three, and a proud owner of an imaginary cat. The things that make her happy are people and her insatiable passion for learning. She combines every interaction and every experience into a broad picture of WHY we do things the way we do and HOW we can use this knowledge to make our lives, and the world, better.

Productive Get-togethers: running meetings that should NOT have been an email!

We ALL have sat through some (ahem, hundreds!) meetings that achieved nothing. We have ALL run meetings that could have been better. Join this no-BS session and equip yourself with tools and skills to manage meetings that should not have been an email! Learn to: • Define the outcomes and the agenda (audience gasps in awe!) • Manage participants (and get their contributions) before, during and after the meeting • Lead inclusive discussions • Manage challenging situations

8:30 AM

Skywalker (Live 28, Simul 18, 19)