Rachel Gregory!

User Experience Director at Great American Insurance Group

Rachel Gregory has over 10 years of industry experience helping companies become more user centered while meeting business objectives. She holds a master’s degree from Indiana University in Human Computer Interaction. She believes that technological solutions will only be successful, long term, when research establishes an understanding of the behaviors and needs of a product’s users. As a user experience director, Rachel regularly gives presentations and leads workshops with executive level attendees while also mentoring other professionals in the industry. Rachel has given presentations at nationally recognized technology conferences such as The Grace Hopper Celebration, Stir Trek, and Codemash. In her free time, Rachel enjoys playing boardgames and video games, baking, and searching for life beyond the grave.

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost Products: A human centered approach to breathe life into unused products

Have you ever encountered software that you dread using? How about a digital experience that was difficult to use? Or perhaps you’ve experienced a digital product that was created with good intentions but now sits on the proverbial shelf collecting dust? You aren’t alone; according to a new study conducted by software lifecycle information firm, 1E, more than $30 billion is wasted annually on unused software in the U.S. alone (1). But how do we, as technology professionals, help our digital products become something that users enjoy interacting with? In this interactive session, we’ll cover the concept of ghost products, how you can identify them, steps you can take to improve them to aid in adoption, and how to mitigate any future products you work on coming back to haunt you.

11:00 AM