Samuel Gomez!

Microsoft MVP and Tech Lead at Geneca

I've worked in software development for 15+ years (mostly Microsoft technologies) and love the problem solving aspect of the work. In recent years I have become very passionate about AI and machine learning technologies and how they can be applied to different aspects of our lives. When not coding I enjoy spending time with my family, soccer (watching, playing, and coaching), playing videogames and watching movies.

Machine learning belongs in a museum!

Ever walked around a museum and wondered how they keep those nice chilly temperatures around the building? No? Me neither! That is until I had to figure out how to build a machine learning system to do just that. In this talk, we will cover: - The challenges of controlling environments that are constantly changing. - The key role stakeholders play in machine learning projects. - The unique challenges faced in machine learning projects compared to traditional software development projects. - How Azure Machine Learning helped us achieve the project's goals. - Some bumps on the road and what we learned from them. By the end of this talk, you will be able to apply the concepts and tools reviewed to tackle machine learning projects in your organization.

2:15 PM

New hope (Live 15 - Simul 10, 11)