Sean Wedig!

Principal Software Engineer and Mustache-wielder at Physna

Sean Wedig is a Principal Software Engineer, tech talk organizer, mustache-wielder, and general loud mouth. He's been doing various forms of professional software development for about 20 years and making terrible puns for even longer. He's currently working on neat R&D problems in computer vision and geometric model search algorithms, while also getting awesome people to talk about awesome things at Physna, the company behind

Being a Good "Evil Overlord": Keeping Your AI Code Generating Minion in Line with TDD

MWAHAHAHAHA! You’ve activated your robot army to rule the world in pure, robotic harmony! Soon the humans will be replaced by simple, silicon perfection! … But something’s wrong. Your AI minion is generating code that’s off the mark. You’re getting walls of code that technically run… but they’re still buggy. Your orbital laser couldn’t even hit the broad side of Canada, the code is so wrong. And it’s all so repetitive! This is going to be impossible to maintain once you overthrow the world’s governments. You thought these code gen tools were supposed to help! You were so careful before the code generation minion came along. TDD used to guarantee the application of your laser grids at your secret lair, after all. But does TDD still have a place in the machine age? How can you bend the code-generating AIs to your will? How can you be an even more effective mastermind? We’ll look at how the code generation minion operates, how prompting the bot works, and how good testing practice makes for good prompting. Before you know it, you’ll have your death ray back online! So grab your lab coat, snap on those rubber gauntlets, and dramatically slide your goggles over your eyes. It’s time to take back control of your robot army and conquer the world!

3:30 PM

Empire (Live 14 - Simul 12, 13)