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Steve Smith (@ardalis) is an entrepreneur and software developer with a passion for building quality software as effectively as possible. Steve has published several courses on Pluralsight, covering DDD, SOLID, design patterns, and software architecture. He's a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP and Insider, a frequent speaker at developer conferences, an author, and a trainer. Steve works with companies that want to avoid the trap of technical debt by helping their teams deliver quality software, quickly. Steve and his team have been described by clients as a "force multiplier", amplifying the value of existing development teams. Steve's client list includes Microsoft, Quicken Loans, Celina Insurance, and many other satisfied customers.

Modular Monoliths - The Goldilocks Architecture?

Monolithic apps are the worst! They grow and grow until they collapse under their own weight as a Big Ball of Mud. Microservices are the here to save us! But wait, they're REALLY hard to get right and REALLY hard to manage at scale. And way too often they end up being the worst of all worlds, the dreaded DISTRIBUTED MONOLITH. Enter, the Modular Monolith. Simple deployments, cheaper hosting, but easy to extend and capable of supporting multiple independent development teams. Not too simple, but not too complex. Maybe the Goldilocks solution your application has been yearning for.

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